November 27, 2021

Domain Backordering

If you want to compete for the best drops, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with domain backorder services such as DropCatch and NameJet. Year over year there’s more and more competition, more and more eyeballs on the best deleting domains.

The days of trying to hand register something at the tip of the drop are long gone. At least for anything remotely good with even a tiny bit of resale value. They’re all getting snagged using backorder tools and custom scripts.

So, let’s give you a brief rundown of the best and most widely used backorder services.

TIP: Domains drop daily between 2pm and 5pm Eastern. Make sure you get your backorders in prior to that time. Each backorder service has its own deadline. NameJet’s cutoff is in the AM, around 9:00am Eastern. DropCatch lets you backorder right up to around 1:45pm Eastern.


Backorder domains at

DropCatch charges $59 per backorder. Most of the best names end up at public auction, meaning anyone can jump in and compete with you. Yay.


NameJet Backorder Service

NameJet charges $79 per backorder. Auctions are private, but have a lot of participants for the most part.


SnapNames Backorder Service

Backordering at Snap is the same as NameJet these days (they’re partners). They charge $79 per backorder. Backorder Service

The go-to spot for ccTLD (country code top level domain) backorders and auctions. Cost = $99.


Dynadot Backorder Service

It’s unlikely they’ll compete with DropCatch and NameJet however you might as well try your luck and possibly score a decent name for $24.99. It’s also useful for names you think might not be quite worth the $59-$79 backorder price tag, but you’re comfortable risking $24.99. Just depends on your biz model!