November 27, 2021
Blockchain AKA NFT Domains

Blockchain AKA NFT Domains Have Arrived

There’s a new domain on the block(chain) known as an NFT domain. They’re linked to your wallet like crypto and they can also double as your payment address. YourName.crypto is a lot more appealing than 4x88XWWw)999xz99z9. In other words, NFT domains allow for a bit of personalization. Also, another plus: you own the domain for life. No renewal fees.

You might be wondering, “is it possible to develop a website on an NFT domain?” And the answer is yes. Well, sort off. You can’t build a traditional site, per se. But you can build what is known as a D-website (decentralized). You can learn more about that here. You’ll also need a browser plugin to view these d-websites. It’s early days yet but we can see the potential.

Now, are these domains worth investing in? That’s something we’re unsure of. Seems like there’s money in the short-term. There’s an active NFT domain marketplace on, and UnstoppableDomains has a premium domain section (looks like quite a few one-word names have sold for $50,000-$100,000).

Curious to learn more about NFT domains and possibly buy one? Check out UnstoppableDomains. Prices start at $5.00.

UPDATE: As of now you can register/mint domains with zero additional fees on the Polygon blockchain. No more hefty $200.00 gas fees.