November 27, 2021
Dynadot Unlimited 5 minute Extensions

Dynadot auctions to be extended continuously

As of October 26th, 2021, Dynadot aftermarket auctions can be extended continuously. The previous limit was 20 x 5 minutes. Now that limitation has been removed. Personally, I wasn’t even aware of the 20x limit. So this doesn’t really affect me. I do however recall a time when auctions weren’t extended at all past the deadline. If you weren’t quick enough, too bad. Those were fun times..

Now, at Dynadot — and everywhere else — auctions are extended endlessly, allowing more and more people to jump in. That’s great for the registrar/marketplace, not so great for domainers. But that’s just the trend across the board really. Gotta maximize those profits. Ah well!

I’m just waiting for the day that registrars start to horde all the best expired domains for themselves. For all we know, that might already be happening. I know of at least one registrar that’s gotten into the retail game with their own premium domain shop. But they’d never cherry pick the best stuff for themselves.. No way, Jose!