November 27, 2021
gTLDs at

gTLDs in the mix at auctions

Looks like is moving beyond just ccTLD auctions. Seeing quite a few gTLDs in the mix lately. Could be they’ve always been there, and I didn’t notice, but I don’t see a “.com” or “.net” tab at the top of the page. You have to manually enter “” or “” to view upcoming drops. This leads me to believe that this is something newish that they’re gradually introducing (testing the waters?).

For now there seems to be a rather limited pool of .com drops to choose from. Could be they’re only letting you backorder stuff they know they’ve got a decent chance of grabbing. Anyway. Just a random observation. It’d be interesting if they started allowing general backorders. If you could backorder anything you want, then DropCatch & co might have some competition on their hands.