November 27, 2021

Domaining Tools

Domaining Tools

Most of these tools are free to use (or at least have a free option).

Expired Domain Name Search Engine

An expired domain search engine. Search just about every domain platform in the world. Search aftermarkets, search pending deletes, drops, and more.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive AKA Wayback Machine provides a snapshot of your domain throughout the years. Find out if it was previously developed and what kind of content was on there.

Free search volume tool

Find out how many times a word or phrases is searched for per month. Some people use this info to determine the value of a generic/keyword domain. Search volume info is for Google only and default country is US (though others are available in the dropdown box).

namebio domain sales history

Check domain sales history. A useful tool if you want to use comparable sales to price your domains.

ahrefs website authority checker

Useful if you’re buying domains for SEO purposes. Find out domain/website authority, amount and quality of backlinks, that kind of thing.

Backorder Services

Learn about domain backordering

Want to score the best pending deletes? Well, you’ll need to use a backorder service. That way, you’ll at least be included in the auction and have a chance to win it.

estibot domain appraisals

I’m not the biggest fan of automated appraisals however they’re a bit more accurate these days. They’ll also give you information such as approximate search volume and how much advertisers are paying per click for the term.