November 27, 2021

The Drop..

Dropped Domains

Pending Delete (Soon to be dropping..)

This is basically the end of the line for a domain name. It expired, wasn’t renewed or picked up at auction, and now all that’s left is for it to be deleted from the registry. Released into the wild once again. Reborn! Surprisingly, quite a lot of quality, even premium names, are deleted on a daily basis..

Deleted Domains (Dropped)

You might be wondering “how exactly can I get my hands on a deleted domain?”. Well, like with everything else these days, there’s a ton of competition for drops. The cats out of the bag when it comes to expired domains, and deleted domains (and their value). If you want to compete for the best of them, you’ll need to learn about backorder services. The trick is to snag the name right as it drops. More often than not, if the domain is decent, it’ll have multiple backorders. And when that happens, it’s auction time..

Backorder Auctions

So you backordered a domain, and apparently everyone and their mom did too. That sucks. That either means there’ll be a private auction, or a public one. NameJet pending delete auctions are private. So whether 1 or 200 backordered the domain, once the auction begins, no one else can jump in. DropCatch, on the other hand; their auctions are public. So anyone can join the party right up to the final moments..

Occasionally you might get lucky and be the only one to have backordered a domain. But then you have to ask yourself, is it really that great if no one else is interested? Some decent names do slip through the cracks though. Some of them can even be grabbed for reg fee (if you’re quick enough). FYI, there are tools available to help you search for hidden gems.

Drop Window

Oh yeah, one more thing: Domains drop between 2pm and 5pm Eastern. Make sure to get your backorders in prior to that time. Or, if you’re gonna try the hand registration method, just make sure your trigger finger’s ready.. You’ll need to be quick on the draw to beat the average domainer. And if they’re using a custom script + API, or a drop catch service, forget about it!