November 27, 2021

Expired Domains & Auctions

Expired Domains & Auctions

When a domain name expires, it doesn’t just disappear into oblivion. The owner has a chance to renew it, and if they don’t, it’ll usually end up at auction somewhere (such as GoDaddy Auctions). Once at auction, anybody can jump in and bid on it, potentially scoring a quality domain for a bargain. Competition is quite intense though, especially for the premium stuff. Even the lower tier names receive quite a lot of attention these days..

TIP: If you bid on a domain, make sure you have a plan for it. In other words, you’re going to develop it, or you have a buyer in mind. Don’t just bid on something because other people are. Make sure it has real value and there’s going to be demand for it in the current market. Do your research.

Okay, let’s discuss the various domain name aftermarkets. The most active ones anyway. Where you’ll find the best quality expired domains.

GoDaddy Expired Domain Aftermarket

GoDaddy’s aftermarket is popular and for good reason – they have some of the hottest expired domain auctions around. The best domains will have a ton of eyeballs on ’em so be prepared for a bidding war! Bidding starts at just $12.00.


NameJet Expired Domain Auctions

NameJet has some of the best pre-release (expired domain auctions) around. One thing that’s kind of annoying; they seem to be mixing private & expired auctions together. You can tell it’s private when there’s a reserve price. A true expired domain can’t (or shouldn’t) have a reserve price. Opening bid is $79.00.


Dynadot Aftermarket

You’ll find some nice names here. Starting price seems to be based on renewal cost of the domain. For example, .com auctions start at $13.99, .io $34.99.


DropCatch Backorder Auctions

Their pre-release auctions aren’t the best, but every now and then something interesting slips through. Pre-release auctions start at $10.00. The dropped auctions is where the real action’s at.

Sedo Expiring Domain Auctions

Over 2000 expiring domains per day apparently. Starting bid is $79.00. ccTLD Auctions

This is where you’ll find some of the best ccTLD auctions. They aren’t expired domain auctions, but they’re worth mentioning. Auctions start at $99.00, the cost of a backorder.


Register.TO expired domain auctions

.TO domain auctions. Some nice one-word .to’s to be found here. Starting price $47.00.