June 16, 2021


How do I buy from DomainRaider?

You can purchase our domains immediately via GoDaddy or Sedo. Just click the “buy now” button on the listing and choose GoDaddy or Sedo.

How long will it take to receive my domain?

If you buy via GoDaddy, you’ll receive your domain the same day (in most cases).

If you’d like to transfer the domain somewhere other than GoDaddy, we suggest buying via Sedo. We’ll provide the transfer agent with a unique authorization code and you can move the domain to a registrar of your choosing. This process can take as as little as a few minutes, or as long as a week. It all depends on your choice of registrar.

Are there any additional costs?

When buying via GoDaddy you’ll most likely have to pay a renewal fee. To avoid the fee, buy via Sedo and request an account push. It’s a longer process but you’ll save a few bucks. GoDaddy is the quickest option though.

Do your domains come with a logo?

No, the images/logos are just for example purposes. You’re welcome to use them as a frame of reference though.

If you’re in need of a professionally designed logo, we suggest you head over to Fiverr and connect with a qualified graphic designer. You’ll get the logo you want for a price that fits your budget.