November 25, 2020

Monetize Your Domains

We’ve put together this little guide to help you with domain monetization. It’s fairly basic but if you’re new to E-commerce you might find some useful information here.


Start your own website. There are plenty of free CMS (content management systems) out there, but our favorite is WordPress. Not only is it free but it’s super robust and flexible. Lots of free plugins, and themes, and plenty of premium options too. If you’re looking for a host, check out GoDaddy. They have numerous hosting plans, including managed WordPress. (Click here to save 50% off your first month.)

Affiliate Marketing

If your domain has an obvious use (fits into a specific niche), such as the keto diet for example, you could review keto books and earn affiliate commission via Amazon. Aside from product reviews, you could also do price comparisons. There are lots of options. And lots of affiliate programs to choose from too. Amazon is just one example.

Sell Ad Space

Once your site is alive and kicking, you’ll have the option of selling ad space. You can deal directly with advertisers or you can use a service like Google AdSense which is basically a plug ‘n’ play solution. Simply insert some code into your pages, and relevant ads will be displayed to your visitors. You’ll get paid for every click. How much exactly depends on your niche, and how competitive it is. Combine affiliate marketing with AdSense and you’ve got yourself a couple different revenue streams. Not bad at all.


If your domain is product/shopping related, you could open up your own Shopify store. Sell your own inventory or find a wholesaler and have them ship to your customers on your behalf. This is known as dropshipping and it’s quite popular these days.

That’s it for now. If we find any other monetization methods we’ll be sure to update this page.