November 27, 2021

Selling Domains

Selling Domains

Selling domains doesn’t need to be complicated. Focus on quality. Price realistically, and sales should follow.


There are multiple strategies when it comes to selling domains. Some take a resale approach and price their domains to sell as quickly as possible. They’re looking for cashflow. Others prefer to take a long-term investment approach. They want top dollar for every domain. They aren’t in a hurry and don’t mind waiting years for the perfect end user. It’s like wholesale vs retail. So really you just need to ask yourself, do you want a quick return on your investment, or do you want to maximize your ROI.

Lead Generation

Some take a more passive approach with regards to leads. They prefer to have the buyer come to them and then they have the bargaining power. Others take a more active approach. This is referred to as outbound sales. This involves sending emails, making phone calls, using social media, etc. It’s my belief that if you price your domains correctly, the sales will happen organically. Especially if you list on multiple platforms (the more exposure the better).

Where To Sell

As far as outlets for selling domains. There are multiple marketplaces out there (see below for some examples). You could also create your own marketplace, which is more involved, but there’s the bonus of not having to pay a commission fee to the broker. You could also do both. Have your own marketplace + list at Afternic, for example, and take advantage of their premium/reseller network. Want to sell to other domain investors/resellers? Try forums such as NamePros & social media sites like Twitter.

Traditional Marketplaces

We call these traditional marketplaces because they sell domains and only domains (with the exception of Dan which now allows you to package domains with logos).

Sell domains at

It’s free to list at Sedo however they take a percentage of the sale (10% to $20% depending on a few variables such as whether or not the domain is parked with them, was it a Buy It Now sale, etc.). There’s also the perk of SedoMLS. If you opt-in you’ll be promoted on 650+ of Sedo’s partner sites.

Sell domains at

Free to list, 10% to 20% commission. Also, there’s the added benefit of being included in their premium network which means your domains will be syndicated to 8 of the top 10 registrars in the world including GoDaddy and NetworkSolutions.

Sell domains at GoDaddy

These days, if you list a domain for sale at GoDaddy, it’ll automatically be listed at Afternic and vice versa. I still prefer to have an account at both. And I also prefer to manually list my domains at GoDaddy Auctions. 10%-20% commission.

Start selling domains at

Dan is an innovative domain name marketplace with a variety of useful tools such as custom SEO friendly landing pages, low commission rates (5% to 9%), flexible payment options, and more.

Dynadot domain name marketplace

Domains must be registered with Dynadot to participate in their marketplace. They take a 5% commission. Payment is in the form of account credit by default but you can request payout via PayPal, etc.

Brandable Marketplaces

If you’re looking to maximize your ROI for creative business names, brandable names, invented names etc., these sites are your best bet. They sell businesses a brand name and identity, not just a domain.

Sell brandable names at

BrandBucket is a curated marketplace. If you want to get listed, you’ll need to pay $1.00 per submission, and there’s no guarantee your domain will be approved. 15% to 30% commission.

Sell business names at

Squadhelp is a business naming agency with a premium domain marketplace. If you’d like to be listed, you can create an account, and submit free of charge. There’s also a paid option. 15% to 35% commission.